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Aduro Wood has been active since 1998 as an extension of the company titled Yeni Guney Construction Industry & Trading Co., Ltd. and it currently maintains its activities in a modern plant with the tr
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Akkuzu Wood as our business life began in 1975, a corporation in 1985 and continued his business activities. Certificate of competency in the service area of ​​our company in 2007, the Organized Industrial Zone m2s off the 4000 area of ​​over 10,000 m2 area has been moved to modern production facilities. Akkuzu Wood with the latest technological innovations to have the machine park and trained and experienced technical staff; * Borders, production of parquet and stone palette locked, * Laminated wooden window production, * Wooden door production * Residential, office and gym for the production of wooden parquet floors, * Cottages, villas, wooden staircase leading to the design and manufacture of luxury housing, * Solid panel production, * Interior Architecture, realizing the production of decorative products for architects and decorators.